The 10 most deadly animals

Snake The 10 most deathly animals are the most dangerous in the world and can be found on land and in water.

The 10 most deathly animals are ranked and classified not by their size but by how many deaths they are responsible for annually. Some of these animals may seem quite harmless but they are equally as dangerous and the fact that they are seen as innocuous makes them even more deadly.

  • The Mosquito - The Mosquito may seem small but it kills at least two million people yearly by transferring the malaria parasite into their bloodstream. Seventy million people get infected yearly and suffer from the ensuing sickness that results.
  • The Asian Cobra - Though its venom is not as deadly as that of some other snakes. This snake alone is responsible for the deaths of at least 50 thousand people annually on the Asian continent.
  • The Box Jellyfish - The Box Jellyfish is also known as the Wasp Jellyfish and it may have up to sixty tentacles with each tentacle carrying enough venom to kill at least 50 human beings. Such Jellyfish are usually found in Australia, the Philippines and a number of other tropical regions.
  • The Great White Shark - This exceptionally large creature can weigh as much as 5 tons and tends to inhabit coastal waters in large oceans. It is said that the Shark does not attack humans on purpose but most attacks by White Sharks on humans have ultimately proved fatal.
  • The African Lion - This animal reportedly kills at least 70 people annually in Tanzania, it is slightly larger than the Asian Tiger.
  • Saltwater Crocodile - The Saltwater Crocodile is known as the largest of all living reptiles in the world and it is between 4 to 7 meters in length and can weigh as much as 1.6 tons. Animals as large as horses have been known to perish under the grip of this deadly animal.
  • The Elephant - Most people believe Elephants are friendly creatures but their opinions are rather erroneous. These animals kill about 500 people annually by either stomping on them or impaling them. Elephants may weigh as much as 16 tons.
  • The Polar Bear - The Polar Bear is one of the most carnivorous of all bears and they can eat all manner of animals including other polar bears. They are very vicious animals and they are quite capable of killing humans with one swipe of their paws.
  • The Cape Buffalo - This animal usually attacks people and other animals with its horns which are very sharp. Even lions avoid this animal and they kill a large number of people each year.
  • The Poison Dart Frog - A poison dart frog can produce enough toxin to kill 10 humans.

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