Australia outback safaris

Australia bush, desert, outback and rainforest safaris.

Australia is arguably one of most amazing, breathtaking and interesting world’s destinations. Going on a bush, desert or rainforest safari in Australia is sure to be an exotic and different travel adventure. But being prepared is a necessity to make sure that you enjoy have a smooth trip.

Listed below are a list of the top national parks and reserves.

  • Uluru, Ooraminna and the desert center
  • Kimberley and North End
  • Blue Mountains in NSW
  • Tasmania
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Cape York rainforest
  • West Coast numerous national parks from Perth to Darwin
  • Whitsunday Islands

Read up on everything you can first on your destination in Australia

Find as much information as you can about the Australian region you are going to visit such as the modes of transport and weather conditions. In addition, call up your travel agency. Make sure you fully understand their T&C and the boundaries of of their services. See that you have enough money to account for your expenses as well as some extra cash for emergencies or other unknown costs.

What to bring for your Australian adventure

Inquire at your travel agency about the weather of the destination, they may help you understand what type of clothes to pack. Don’t take lighlty the little things like the quality of your walking shoes you will be wearing during vacation. Bring with you a few pairs that are strong yet comfortable for long walks. As a general rule, days in Australia are very hot - take many hats, protective eyewear and scarves. But keep in mind cooler temperatures specially by evenings. You may wish to take along a warm sweater or jacket in case it is cold.

Don’t forget the health essentials

Load up on sunscreen to protect your skin. Take a medical kit complete with painkillers, bandages, antiseptics, medication for skin cuts, allergies, travel-sickness and diarrhea among others. If you are not positive that it’s potable, try to drink only bottled water.

Keep hydrated in the bush

Make sure to enoughwater with you. It would be a good idea to take in liquids every now and then even when you do not feel thirsty yet. This will help you to avoid becoming dehydrated in order not to having a heat stroke.

Safety and survival techniques

The aborigens culture is different to what you are used to. There are some things we should think carefully about doing in a unfamiliar country like as driving. Keep valuables in an plain bag and keep it close to you at all times.

Don’t forget these things in mind when start preparing for a Australian bush, desert or rainforest Safari. Good organization and planning are the secrets to enjoying a wonderful, hassle-free vacation.

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